Ren in Drug-Related News
January 11, 2024

New Research Data Shows Cannabis and Hallucinogen Usage Rates Continue to Rise Among Adults

While it’s common for certain drug use trends to come in and out of popularity, the trend of cannabis and hallucinogen use has been quite concerning in that usage of these drugs has steadily risen, uninterrupted, for several years. Further, interest in these drugs and experimentation with them has escalated among young adults ages 19 to 30 and middle-aged adults ages 35 to 50...


Ren in Drug Use
May 23, 2023

Marijuana and Hallucinogen Use at All-Time Highs for Young Americans

According to the recently published 2022 Monitoring the Future Survey, even though overall drug use did not increase among youths between 2021 and 2022, certain drug types did become increasingly more popular, namely cannabis and hallucinogens.


Ren in Marijuana
November 25, 2022

Research Shows Cannabis Legalization Leads to a Spike in Use

The subject of marijuana legalization has been hotly debated for decades. New research has found that when states legalize marijuana, consumption rates go up. Since marijuana has harmful short-term and long-term effects, constituents, policymakers, and public health officials should bear that in mind when deciding on marijuana laws.


Ren in Marijuana Use
July 28, 2022

Marijuana Use Increases Odds for Emergency Room Visits

One of the most common myths about marijuana is that it is safe to use. A Canadian study published in June 2022 dispelled that notion by showing a correlation between marijuana use and a higher likelihood of being hospitalized.


Ren in Marijuana Use
April 14, 2022

Drugged Driving and Cannabis

People who use cannabis sometimes say that they feel okay to drive after an hour or two has passed. But are they really okay to drive? A new study shows they are not.


Ren in Drug Education
June 23, 2021

Talking to Young People About Marijuana

Recent studies suggest that teenagers who use marijuana are more likely to use other drugs later on in life. These findings make it all the more important for parents to have conversations with their kids about cannabis.


Ren in Legislation
January 10, 2021

More States Move to Legalize Cannabis

The Presidential race was not the only attention-grabbing aspect of the November 2020 election. In an historic move, several states, even red states, moved to legalize cannabis for recreational use. What does this mean for the health of those states' populations? And for the future?


Karen Hadley in Marijuana
April 29, 2020

What is Marijuana Commercialization? And What Happens When Marijuana is Commercialized?

What does it mean for an addictive product to be commercialized – in other words, manufactured and sold solely for the purpose of making profits? Is this a good idea or one that is destructive? We’ll provide the facts and you can decide.


Ren in National News
February 12, 2019

Medical Marijuana as a Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

On January 23rd, 2019 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy officially added opioid addiction to the growing list of "eligible illnesses" treatable through the state’s medical marijuana program. New Jersey has suffered considerably with an opioid addiction epidemic. We can understand their desire to find effective remedies for opiate addiction. Medical marijuana treatment, however, is not such a remedy.


Ren in Drug Information
October 29, 2018

All About Natural Drugs—Very Not Safe Organic Substances

There is this very common, very dangerous misconception on the drug use scene, that drugs which occur naturally (i.e. organic drugs) are okay, safe, or are in some way “acceptable” to use. This is a misconception, and a dangerous one at that, because natural drugs are very dangerous.