Karen in Gateway drugs
December 4, 2021

Are There Really Any Gateway Drugs?

Arguments over this concept are not likely to end any time soon, with pro-drug advocates claiming that there is no gateway effect to drug use, and prohibitionists claiming the opposite. We take a look at some of the science.


Ren in Gateway drugs
January 8, 2019

What is the Real Risk Behind Teen Vaping?

The common pastime that we know as vaping is not the risk-free, cigarette habit-breaking hobby that we are often led to believe it is. Though “vape culture” as it is called has been met with strong support, real risks to our health are present in vaping.


Jason Good in Gateway drugs
October 15, 2017

Marijuana: A Gateway to Dealers?

One of the longest, most drawn-out debates is about whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug. This argument has been going on for years and no one seems to be able to find a common ground to determine whether or not marijuana usage leads to other drugs.


Karen in Gateway drugs
March 16, 2017

Maryland Sheriff Cites Marijuana as Beginning a Path to Overdose For Many

In Maryland, a recent poll showed that 58% of Marylanders are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Would they feel that way if they realized how many started with marijuana and ended up with deadly overdoses?