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Cornucopia with Drugs and People



Drugs have brought an inversion. Instead of freedom and fulfillment, they have brought entrapment and degradation. For instance:

Our children, once our hope and inspiration, are now often a source of worry as to whether their aspirations for a better life have been subverted into drugs, and whether they are freaked out or dying;

Or our streets, once interesting places to take a stroll and observe one’s fellow man, but now a no-man’s-land of threat and violence, filled with thugs and addicts;

Or our homes, in constant danger, day or night, of being burglarized to feed a heroin habit;

Or our fellow worker, as an aftermath of drugs, often “out of it”, inhabiting a world of fancy or the past. As his numbers grow so do the mistakes and costly errors mount.

Worst of all, these products can get worse. If unhalted, there is no limit to the depths of degradation.

It is time for change. The problem can’t be ignored. It won’t just go away. It can’t be just left to Uncle Sam. His hands are full.

There must be improvement. It can only come from those of us who recognize the problem.

Narconon provides the means. It has become what is probably the world’s most rapidly expanding drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation program. From programs in two locations less than eight months ago, there are now sixteen. The cause of this expansion is results achieved and demand. Yet, only a fraction of the people in areas that need it are being reached.

Help is needed. Your support and action will make Narconon available wherever needed.

Narconon is unique. Most current programs treat symptoms, by substituting one drug for another, such as methadone for heroin, or treat the drug abuser as a semi-invalid, to be protected from himself and society for long periods. Unlike these, Narconon enables the drug abuser to overcome the cause within himself of his drug abuse tendencies.

New Public Program In Operation In Connecticut

Mr. Pat Healy, Deputy Director of Narconon in Connecticut, opened a public program in mid July in New London, Connecticut. Currently there are ten students on course.

Pat is also opening up lines and making contacts across the state for programs in penal institutions.

Narconon Program In Delaware Holds First Graduation

The Narconon program in the Delaware Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware held its first graduation in July. The event was well publicized in the area over TV, Radio and the Press. This program is the first to have received some monetary support from the Government to cover expenses.

Mr. Gene Hobel, who has assisted in establishing Narconon programs in New York, attended and gave an inspiring address. It was well received by all attending. The Secretary of State of Delaware also spoke.

Mr. Barry Jaye has been responsible for the outstanding success of this program. In seven weeks he took a group of raw inmates and trained them in the skills of communication, control using empathy, study and supervision. Most of them in their weekly reports showed major changes in their self image and attitude toward life.

Government Sponsored Narconon Office In Mexico Continues To Expand

Mr. Senties, Governor of Mexico City, fostered a congress on July 9th in Mexico City with all political delegates from Mexico attending. Emma Sanchez, the dynamic Director of the Narconon Office in Mexico,’ which is sponsored by the Mexican Government, prepared a paper which was presented on Narconon.

Earlier, Alberto Villado started a Narconon program in the “Carcel de Villa Obregon” in Mexico City. Roberto Gonzales took over as Supervisor on May 2nd. Currently there are sixteen students on course. In addition to teaching the practical exercises (training routines) Roberto is teaching some of them to read and write.

Emma Sanchez has also been working with Mexican delegate Hector Calderon in establishing a public drug rehabilitation program called CENTRO JUVENIL, which is now in operation. Emma has translated most of the materials necessary to run the Narconon program into Spanish.

Success Stories

I have completed the course with great satisfaction. I have learned to handle myself better in my everyday life, in my work and my play, in music and in my relationships with people. Especially in music I have found my creativeness enhanced simply because I am closer in touch with myself. I have found myself generally more aware of everything around me.



Narconon has helped me confront prison. It gives me the lift I need, to know when I get out I’ll have a much brighter future. It also helps to answer the questions that have built up over the years, therefore, making me more contented, and having a lot better peace of mind.

Arizona State Prison


Tonight I learned a little about myself. I learned that I have grown so accustomed to a broad way of thinking that I found it very hard to confront one specific subject. For example, another person. Now that I have confronted a solitary person, I feel more at ease about myself.



Anyone who calls one of us here a “wet brain” should come and see how we work and learn. At first it was hard. We all saw that there were words to define and use. Now, after the courses, I feel good about my wins and feel that I can handle my other problem (alcohol) because instead of absorbing booze, I absorb knowledge. And I really feel a lot better.

Long Island Alcoholics Hospital


I had a big win tonight. I realized that I have full control of my mind, and I can do what I want with it. My mind is not controlling me, I am controlling my mind. To me this is a big win.



It is really a comfortable feeling to be able to just be there and be aware - to be completely without tensions.


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