Miami: War On Drugs Escalates

War on Drugs Escalates

War On Drugs Escalates

The Narconon Drug Education and Prevention Project is underway.

For 13 years Narconon - a secular, non-profit organization - has been achieving remarkable results in drug and criminal rehabilitation. Recently Narconon has decided to increase its scope of responsibility by taking an effective part in the education of our children against the use of drugs in order to help reverse this downward spiral of our society.

Starting this fall, the Narconon Drug Education and Prevention Project will begin. It will consist of a series of seminars to two distinct groups; school age children between 10 and 18, and adults concerned with the drug problem (parents, teachers, community leaders etc.). These lectures are completely free of charge, sponsored by private community donation.

The major emphasis of the lectures to the children will be how drugs affect their minds, their ability to study and to learn, and thus their entire future. Avoided will be the sensationalized, shock approach to drug prevention, as - from our research - this method has done more harm than good in the past. Rather we will expand upon those ill effects which the children have experienced themselves or have witnessed in others using drugs, and what the long term consequences of these effects can add up to in their lives.

Some data will be given them on the various drugs in common use, but the major emphasis will be on Marijuana and PCP. Each participant will also receive a free 20 page handbook on drugs and the mind to take home.

The target of the lectures is a change in attitude which will leave the children with a more positive outlook on how to handle problems in life and pressure from their peers without resorting to drug use, plus the setting of life goals and the way to attain them.

The lectures to the adult community will stress the formula for effective communication and understanding, especially as it relates to the problem of children and drugs.

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