Michigan Department of Corrections Warden Michigan Reformatory Impressed with Narconon

Michigan Warden Impressed with Narconon

State of Michigan Department of Corrections

To: Director Narconon Program

From: Warden Michigan Reformatory

May 7, 1979

Re: Narconon Program

During the past several years, I have had the opportunity to observe residents involved in the Narconon Program at this facility. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm generated by this program since its inception.

The Program initially started at the Michigan Reformatory with a group of young men who were in need of a Drug Treatment Program and Narconon was able to fulfill that gap. Since that time the Program has generated both an increase in the number of people requesting the program and the Narconon staff deserves a special “thanks” for the success of the program.


Dale E. Foltz