Rock Band Leader Saves Addict

Band Leader Saves Addict

Rock Band Leader Saves Addict

Debbie Cameron is alive today because of the successful drug rehabilitation techniques used at Narconon. In 1976, weighing only 87 pounds, she was ready to throw in the towel because of her failure to handle her addiction to heroin. Despite the fact that she came from a good family in Birmingham, Alabama, she had a $400.00 a day habit and was travelling a dead end street to nowhere along with the uppercrust of Birmingham’s youth, including a local official’s son. Out of sheer desperation she checked herself into a local mental hospital, but found that the group therapy that she was involved in did nothing but make her worse. She resigned herself to the fact she was never going to get off heroin even though she wanted something to help her.

Around this time Lane Cameron and his band were playing Birmingham. Debbie used to go and listen to the Cameron Band and happened to be very attracted to Lane. One night after Lane’s band finished, they got to talking and Debbie told him of her inner struggle to be free of drugs. Realizing Debbie’s problem and sincerity, Lane offered his help. Lane knew of the very workable techniques used at the Narconon Program in Miami which were developed by L. Ron Hubbard, American humanitarian and philosopher. Lane called a Narconon representative in Miami and liaised with him on giving Debbie the vitamin and mineral formulas and communication exercises necessary to take her through a painless withdrawal. In questioning Debbie about this unique experience, she said. “I must say I was a little scared since I had withdrawn before cold turkey and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience, but I trusted Lane, so I worked with him as much as I could and followed all of his instructions. I was amazed at how relatively painless it was. Sure I had a running nose and some chills, but none of the horrible aches and cramps that I had experienced in past withdrawals, and the communication exercises really did get my attention off of the past and more into the present environment. In four or five days the physical discomfort had subsided and my appetite had come back. I felt better than I had felt in a long time. I was feeling really good and then I slipped a little and took a few hits off a joint someone offered me. Well, those few hits made me sick. I saw where I had come from and how good I felt without any drugs including marijuana and I knew that I would never do any drugs again.”

Debbie wanted more of the Narconon methods. She quickly got her affairs in order, earned the money she needed, and went back to Miami with Lane.

That was three years ago and Debbie hasn’t touched drugs since leaving Birmingham. Today she lives in Coral Gables and is a bright, vivacious young lady using all of her regained abilities towards producing for the good of society. Her achievements are impressive. She is a trained counselor, an account executive for a fashion designer, and an executive in an organization called Personal Advancement Training, which holds communication seminars and works with senior citizens. Debbie is extremely grateful to the Narconon organization and supports the program in any way that she can. She is always willing to help anyone who has a drug problem. In Debbie’s own words, she says, “It gave me back my life and allowed me to get to a point where I could look at what I was doing. I feel that L. Ron Hubbard’s techniques of drug rehabilitation used by Narconon are the best I’ve encountered.”

When contacting Lane he let us know he’s always ready to talk to anyone with a drug problem and he can be found at the Big Daddy’s on Coral Way and Douglas, where the New Cameron Band is appearing.

Narconon is a drug and alcohol counseling center licensed by Health and Rehabilitative Services for the State of Florida.

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