Narconon Program 1973

Narconon opened several drug rehab centers in 1973 and continued its drug prevention and drug education activities.

Articles from 1973:

Newsletter - Freedom from Drugs and Crime

Newsletter - Handling A Social Disaster

Article: Bel Air High School Liaison to Narconon Appointed - 1973

California State Senator Commends Narconon - 1973

Congressman Ronald Dellums Commends Narconon - 1973

Doctor Confirms Narconon Drug Rehab is Effective (1973)

Doctor supports Narconon results (1973)

Narconon Newsletter from 1973

Article: Drug Program Leader describes Narconon technology - 1973

YWCA Involvement with Narconon Rewarding

Langbro Sweden Hospital Recommends Narconon

California Letter of Recognition

Los Angeles City Councilman Supports Narconon

1973 - Article - Narconon Program Assisting Drug Addicts in Juarez, Mexico

1973 Drugs and Society Article: Narconon Britain Graduates

Hill Top News Article: 1973: Narconon Comes to Michigan State Reformatory

Narconon Drug Program is Working in Delaware

Narconon Gets Closer to the Source of the Drug Problem - Letter from 1973

California: San Diego Union Article: Drug Center Holds Open House

Massachusetts: Hyde Park Tribune Article: Narconon Opens Program at Pilgrim Church

Narconon Opens Drug Rehab Program in Dorchester, MA - 1973

Article from Bay State Banner, 1973: Narconon Program Opens in Dorchester

Article from New London, CT: Narconon Succeeded in First Year

Newsletter: One Man’s Downfall

Article: Opposes Methadone Program

Physician Points out Narconon Program Benefits

Letter of Recognition - Sacramento, California

Riker’s Island Correctional Facility Solution

Riker’s Ilsand Support

Article: Technology Spurs El Paso Narconon

Wilmington Doctor supports Narconon

The Narconon history.