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VOL. II ISSUE NO. I Feb. - Mar. 1973



1973 Narconon US Staff B Jaye

In the 60’s a lot was seen and heard over the mass media about the increases in drug abuse. But the 1970’s have seen a steady decrease in news of this nature. This has caused many people to wonder if the drug problem is still getting worse.

In order to clarify this, Narconon, a world wide rehabilitation organization, has made a study of a typical, fairly well-to-do community in the Hollywood, Echo Park area of Los Angeles County, California.

Statistics were gathered for a five year period from 1967 to 1971.

The results show that there has been a steady increase in drug abuse and drug related crimes. Total arrests for drug related offences increased 201% during the five years studied. Robbery increased 220%. Juvenile arrests for drug related offences have increased 121.9%. These statistics are disastrous in the face of increasing public apathy about the problem. Many people are going into agreement with the view that drugs are alright. However, the fact is that drug abuse and crime are having an increasingly adverse effect on the individuals in our society and the society itself.

There was a time when it was safe to walk in one’s neighborhood, even in the middle of the night. Remember? Now, walking the streets of one’s community is becoming more unsafe every year. In some areas, being on the streets, even in the daylight hours, can be very risky. The chances of having one’s car stolen or one’s home burglarized are greater than ever. The worst is drugs are destroying the futures of many of our children, dispersing their attention, lowering their motivation and making it harder for them to learn and participate. Thus, drug abuse is causing a general deterioration in the caliber of our future leaders and workers.

Ignoring the way things are or just hoping for them to get better doesn’t work and never has. The statistics prove this. At this time, about ten years after the drug problem started, the available facilities can still handle only a small percentage of those involved in drug abuse. Before drugs destroy us and all we hold dear, additional facilities are urgently needed to fight the increasing drug abuse.

Fortunately, there is an organization that is working to establish more and more rehabilitation programs and to reverse the increasing trend in drug abuse and crime using the most effective methods in the field - NARCONON. Narconon is succeeding at a rapid rate. However, in order to overcome the escalating trend, much more needs to be done. With your support, the statistics of drug abuse and crime can be forced down at last and we can start creating a society in which we can walk the streets without fear and where our children can grow to lead fulfilling lives, a society of which we can be proud.

The war against drug abuse urgently needs your support. Will you help?


Narconon US Office

Narconon U.S. acquired the use of a large mansion at 1229 S. Westmoreland in Los Angeles, California, in November of 1972. Since then several new staff members have volunteered and the headquarters office is bustling with activity. At almost any hour of the day or night, typewriters are pounding out particles for the communication lines to put new programs in across North America. Heads of Area Offices from across the U.S. are here for hatting and on-the-job training. All of this vigorous activity is directed toward reducing and ultimately eliminating drug abuse and crime in the U.S. and the world. With the rapid expansion and high degree of effectiveness of Narconon, many more people are realizing that the job can be done and are joining the team.



  1. Arizona State Penitentiary.
  2. Safford Conservation Center, Arizona.
  3. Delaware Correctional Center.
  4. Youth Training School, Ontario, Calif.
  5. Calif. Institution for Men, Chino.
  6. Calif. Institution for Women, Frontiera.
  7. Calif. Rehabilitation Center, Corona.
  8. Ventura School for Girls and Boys, Calif.
  9. Calif. Men’s Colony, San Luis Obispo.
  10. Calif. Medical Facility, Vacaville.
  11. Long Island State Hospital for Alcoholics, Boston, Mass.
  12. Mattapan Pre Release Center, Mass.
  13. Carcel De Obregon, Mexico City.


  1. Los Angeles, California.
  2. El Centro, California.
  3. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  4. New London, Connecticut.
  5. Waterbury, Connecticut.
  6. Brighton, Massachusetts.
  7. Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  8. Mexico City, Mexico.
  9. Toronto, Canada.


  1. U.S.S. PAGE in the Mediterranean.



The goal of Narconon is the creation of a better world, free of the degradation caused by drugs and crime.

1973 Narconon US Staff

You can work to help Narconon expand and achieve its goals in any and every part of the U.S. and the world. If there isn’t an office or program in your area, you can start one!

Depending on your interests, you may work in any of the following four basic areas:

  1. Counseling to help addicts through withdrawal and to help them and others with lesser drug problems stay off drugs.
  2. Supervising basic courses in a public or prison program.
  3. Working in public relations to get Narconon recognized and accepted in more and more areas of society.
  4. Handling the administrative functions necessary to each office and to coordinate the activities of offices around the country at the U.S. Office.


One of my biggest successes is becoming capable of taking on responsibility. I always used to look for ways to get out of things. Now I look for ways to get into them.



I started Narconon looking for something better in life. I have been in and out of jail since the age of fourteen. I also started using drugs about that time, and drugs have been a large part of my life. But it all became too much to bear. Through Narconon, I have found something better; a new way of living and a new way and means of understanding life. I have been able to really look at myself, and accept the need for a change. Through Narconon I have found the means by which to do it.



Now I am a Narconon Grad. I feel fantastic, And it seems nothing will stop me from my goals. At the time I started, I didn’t know which way to turn, or where I was going. The Narconon Introductory Course, (Intro in Narconon curriculum) explained so much of my confusion, I knew I’d found something worthwhile. The Communication Course has made my communication unbelievable. I’m more assured of myself, and now have the ability to handle problems and accept responsibility with more certainty. I have no idea where I’d be if I didn’t have this technology, though I do know where I am at this moment, and which way I’m going, for now I can see through the fog more clearly. It’s great to be in the “free” world - again.




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