California State Senator Commends Narconon

California State Senator Commends Narconon

Nicholas C. Petris
Eleventh Senatorial District
Alameda County
California Legislature

October 9, 1973

I am writing to add my name to the many who already support the efforts and work of Narconon.

There is no question that drug abuse is prime cause of crime and primary destroyer of human lives–some directly and others more insidiously through slavery to chemicals. Narconon is making a valuable contribution to individuals and to society in providing assistance to drug abusers.

No one drug program, project or facility can reach all drug abusers. Some programs work for some people; others do not. Hence, it is crucial that every avenue and alternative that we can design be open to the individual who is contemplating or involved in drug usage.

I commend Narconon.



Nicholas C. Petris

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