Technology Spurs El Paso Narconon

Technology Spurs Elpaso Narconon


The El Paso Times

August 4, 1973

by Mary Jo Austin

Technology rules the world–but what can it do for drug addicts and hardened criminals? Narconon, derived from the Greek narcosis and non meaning the absence of stupor and insensibility, has harnessed it to make them “totally free and able.”

Newly come to El Paso, only just available to local youth since June, Narconon is an international program in 22 states and six foreign countries. According to Executive Director of the program in Texas, Brent Davis, it is the training center for the southwest region which includes northern Mexico and has been in existence since 1966.

Defining communication as the universal solvent and ethics as reason, contemplation and optimum survival for the person and for everyone else, Narconon does not snow students with the positive thinking approach. It’s designs concentrate on raising IQ’s and general executive development. With implications of showing people that they are good, responsible and trying to survive, all else in the program follows.

But this is only the philosophy segment of Narconon, the real transformation is set out in that students are not told anything, they practice drills in which they realize key abilities for living.

Some include learning to confront anything or anybody without feeling defensive or overwhelmed, communicating with anyone at anytime under any condition without upsetting the other person or themselves, completing all cycles of action so that they are never exhausted and staying in the present at all times and studying anything and applying it to achieve the desired result.

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CONFRONTATION - Narconon students host the confrontation drill, one of many noted by L. Ron Hubbard, the man responsible for it all. Narconon technology does not snow students with the positive thinking approach, but concentrates on IQ and general executive development.