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Drug Rehab—Detroit, Michigan

When families suffer the heartbreaking addiction of one of their loved ones, the best thing that could happen is to have an effective drug rehabilitation program close by. It doesn’t have to be true that relapse after rehab is to be expected. Detroit families have a program nearby that is dedicated to turning addiction into lasting sobriety. In Albion, Michigan, the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Narconon Freedom Center helps an addict get off drugs or alcohol without using other addictive drugs as substitute medication.

Effective Addiction Recovery in Detroit Includes No Substitute Drugs

Many of Detroit’s citizens have been caught up in drug or alcohol addiction as Detroit has struggled with economic problems in recent years. More than a hundred thousand people have moved out of the city in the last decade and twice this number are unemployed. When problems like this strike an area, those who struggle the most may use drugs or alcohol to cope with their unhappiness.

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Then too, thousands of empty houses and few options for jobs are two factors that tend to breed higher rates of drug-trafficking, crime, and violence. Families in the area trying to help someone who has lost their sobriety need effective addiction treatment help.

Detroit, Michigan has 121 drug rehab centers in the greater metropolitan area. However, conventional drug recovery programs are usually either short-term or use substitute medications as a form of treatment. Short-term treatment does not provide many people with the degree of recovery needed to maintain sobriety and substitutes just create other problems to deal with.

Medications like the ones used to prevent withdrawal discomfort (methadone, buprenorphine) are themselves addictive. The person desperately trying to get off drugs just finds himself or herself on some other drug. His or her doctor will switch the person’s reliance from their drug of abuse to these substitutes. And the doctor can and usually does prescribe them for years into the future.

Narconon knows that becoming truly sober means no substitutes. And Narconon knows that once someone with an addiction learns to live a happy life without drugs or alcohol, they will have a much greater chance of making it without relapsing into drug abuse again.

Holistic Addiction Recovery for Detroit

For effective drug rehab near Detroit, Narconon offers an effective recovery program that provides a thorough detoxification, as well as learning the life skills to continue living life successfully after coming off drugs or alcohol. It’s a program with a combination of steps, including a withdrawal process that utilizes good nutrition and relaxation and reorientation processes that can make this withdrawal the most tolerable one the person has ever experienced.


Once withdrawal is accomplished, the individual goes through the Narconon New Life Detoxification. The process employs nutritional support along with moderate exercise and time spent in a low-heat sauna. This intensive detoxification at Narconon addresses the residual drugs that get stored in the fatty tissues of the body. These are effectively flushed out of the system. Residual drugs have been known to cause one’s thinking processes to slow down, and they have triggered drug cravings even years after coming off drugs. It’s important to get rid of them.

Next comes learning life skills for a life without drugs. When someone is striving to start this new life, the knowledge gained from the Narconon Life Skills courses enable the individual to make right decisions when back out in the world. The environment they reenter after rehab will present similar stresses and challenges to those they experienced before. They need knowledge on how to cope with these stresses.

An example of one of Narconon Life Skills courses is a course addressing a person’s personal integrity. This course teaches the person how to restore lost integrity and goes far in helping them live an honest and productive life once more.

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Effective Drug Rehabilitation a Necessity in Detroit

Getting sucked into the whirlpool of addiction is extremely hard on the individual as well as his or her family. Drug-induced deaths in the state are higher in number than the number of people who die in car accidents or by firearms. Thus, to address the issue is a matter of life and death.

Too many people are exposed to drugs, and much too early in life. And when addiction happens, the burden on the person addicted and his or her family can be overwhelming. You or a loved one can find out how to leave drugs and alcohol behind and live a better and more productive life. Contact Narconon today.

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