Drug Rehab for Battle Creek, Michigan

Lake in Battle Creek Michigan

Families in Battle Creek seeking to save their loved ones’ lives need to have access to an effective rehabilitation they can put their faith in. Too many rehabs discharge those in recovery in just 28 days, long before they are ready to live drug-free lives.

But just a few miles down Interstate 94 is the Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab center, providing lasting sobriety to those in need from all over the region.

Finding Effective Drug Rehab in the Battle Creek Area

There are several other choices for drug rehab in the Battle Creek area, but an examination of their programs reveals that they are either short-term or rely heavily on substitute medications. Methadone or buprenorphine prescribed for someone addicted to opiates does not provide sobriety.

These substitute medications are themselves addictive. The heroin or prescription opiate addict will develop a reliance on these new drugs and treatment with substitute medications can be ongoing, even lasting for several years. Using substitute drugs and without really learning to live life without the use of drugs or alcohol, the addicted person has a much greater chance of relapse.

Holistic Addiction Recovery Is Now a Reality

Narconon is a leading solution, offering premier addiction recovery that helps a person get off drugs or alcohol rather than using other drugs as a substitute.

For an effective and holistic program, Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the ideal choice for an alternative approach.

Narconon Freedom Center is a residential drug rehab facility located in Albion, Michigan. Here, a person seeking rehabilitation will find a nutritionally based withdrawal that includes reorientation and relaxation processes that assist in the withdrawal and make it tolerable.

After withdrawal has been accomplished, the Narconon New Life Detoxification is started, employing additional nutritional support with moderate exercise and some time spent in a low-heat sauna. This process allows one’s body to actually flush out drug residues lodging in the fatty tissues. These residual (stored) drugs have been found to cause slow thinking and have been known to trigger drug cravings at later times.

When someone is striving toward sobriety, it is important to also learn life skills that enable the individual to make the right decisions. Back out in the world, they will face similar stresses and challenges to those they had before entering a rehab program. They will need the knowledge to be able to cope with these stresses.

Addressed from many angles, Narconon has life skills training courses to educate the recovering person in handling life better. These courses restore or rebuild the skills a person needs to handle stress without reaching for a pill or a drink. One such course is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course helps proof the person against the factors that led him to begin drug use. The entire program is available at Narconon Freedom Center.

Find out how you or a loved one can be helped to leave drugs behind with the Narconon drug recovery program. Contact Narconon today.

Drug Trafficking in Battle Creek Makes Effective Drug Rehabilitation a Necessity

Heroin and cocaine trafficking and abuse have hit Michigan with the force of a freight train. Controlled prescription drugs are widely available, exposing too many of the young in Battle Creek to these poisons.

In Michigan, the highest number of deaths comes from addiction to opiates/opioids. Out of 932 drug-related deaths in a five-county area, 760 were from this drug category.

The burden on families with members who are illicit drug users has been great, not to mention the burden on society from increased crime and violence. Effective drug recovery is desperately needed.

As the third largest city in Michigan, Battle Creek will serve as a focal point for drug traffickers and dealers in the region. As such, it will have more than its share of citizens who fall victim to addiction. With state law enforcement reporting an increase of young teens using heroin, and violent crime rates in many parts of the state ranging higher than the national average, it’s easy to see that Battle Creek, Michigan has an urgent need for drug rehab that works.

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