Drug Rehab for Bay City, MI

Bay City Michigan Narconon Rehab

Families destroyed, dreams coming to an abrupt end; this is what drug addiction causes. The life of an addict is consumed by trying to appease cravings for drugs or alcohol. Everything else is put aside. Self-respect, integrity, and values become a thing of the past for the addicted person. When you are searching for help for a loved one, you must be sure you are getting an effective drug rehab in the Bay City area that will put that person on the road to lasting sobriety. For more than fifty years the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been working successfully to help addicts overcome these barriers and achieve drug-free lives.

At the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center help is only a little over an hour away. This residential drug rehab facility in Albion, Michigan offers a program that provides a holistic program that addresses all aspects of addiction yet uses no substitute medications.

Successful Drug Rehab Accomplished without Substitute Drugs

Many drug recovery centers include the use of substitute drugs as their treatment program. However, the medications used in these programs are addictive themselves, and simply trading one addiction for another is not an effective method of recovery. These drugs, including methadone, Suboxone, buprenorphine, and Xanax, also put additional stress on the body, already stressed from past drug use.

The Narconon program does not use any drug substitutes either in the withdrawal phase or at any other part of the recovery program. In the case where a medically assisted wean-down is required, this would be completed prior to starting the Narconon program.

At Narconon, to make the final withdrawal more tolerable, the addict is given generous nutritional support and effective relaxation techniques to ease the discomfort. Trained staff constantly monitor the recovering addict to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible.

Effective Detoxification Proofs the Addict Against Future Relapse


Once the addicted person has completed withdrawal, he is ready to start The Narconon New Life Detoxification. This innovative program employs low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and nutritional support to flush out the drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Even years after an individual stops using drugs, these stored toxins have been found to create slow and foggy thinking, and contribute to easily triggered drug cravings. By eliminating these stored drugs from the body, the recovering addict will find things look brighter and he will feel more alert.

The next steps consist of Narconon Life Skills Courses. These courses show the addicted person how he can lead an honest and productive life without turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution to the challenges and stresses that face him.

One example of a Narconon Life Skills Course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. The individual who will be going back into his day-to-day life needs to learn how to repair situations and relationships in his or her life that resulted from addiction. He learns a simple approach to repairing such matters so he will never have to resort to drug use to escape from problems.

Drug-free Recovery and Life Skills Learned Mean Lasting Sobriety

Bay City is not exempt from drug trafficking and abuse. With new “designer drugs” emerging on a regular basis and ten percent of Michigan students experimenting with prescription drugs obtained illegally, it becomes a necessity to ensure a recovered addict is proofed against the need to enter the world of drug abuse again.

The alternative and effective program offered by Narconon is the solution for an addicted person in Bay City to achieve a happy and productive life, free from the devastating consequences of drug use. Call us today to learn more.