Narconon Michigan
Rehab Facility

Narconon Michigan was founded in 2002 and attracts not only local residents but also individuals from all over the country who wish to learn to live a new, drug-free life.

Many of the addicts who come to the Narconon Michigan for their recovery are addicted to prescription drugs such as anti-depressants or Suboxone, a drug used in some addiction treatment facilities to bring a person off opioid drugs without withdrawal symptoms. Where a person requires a medical wean down or detox, this would be completed prior to beginning the Narconon rehab program. Here at Narconon, families find a program for their addicted loved one that uses no drugs as part of the rehabilitation process. They are often relieved that a drug treatment program believes that a fully drug-free life is possible and have said, “I wish I had found it sooner.”

Grounds around Narconon Freedom Center

Perfect Environment

The addiction recovery facility was established on a ten acres populated by many deer and other wildlife.

Detoxification Center

A critical step on the Narconon Program is the New Life Detoxification. Our New Life Detox center houses sauna to help students sweat out the toxic drug residues that drive cravings.

Recreation Room

Students on the substance abuse treatment program play volleyball, ping pong, basketball, softball, football or work out in the weight room.

Nutritional Meals

Nutritional dining helps speed recovery and repair. We provide every element that aligns with your success on the program.

Friday nights are graduation nights for all those who completed a step in the program or the entire drug rehabilitation program. During most parts of the program, families are welcome to visit.

The aftercare program that includes regular follow up helps reinforce the lessons graduates learned while they were doing the Narconon program to help keep them drug-free for the rest of their lives.

The center is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health as a Substance Abuse Program.

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