Narconon Freedom Center Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility


For families who need help with addiction rehab in the Great Lakes area, Narconon Freedom Center is ideally located. It is halfway between Detroit and Lake Michigan in the center of the state. This beautiful, modern facility houses 150 people seeking sober lives, and can also provide space for 75 staff. This means there is plenty of staff attention for each person to be guided through the process of recovery from drug addiction.

The property near Albion, Michigan sits on ten acres in a secluded area. The woods that surround the buildings provide a calming influence on a person who just before their arrival may have been in continual danger of overdose.

Of course the focus is on repairing the damage done by the years spent addicted and learning how to walk a sober path in the future. But the rehab center also provides facilities for the times those in recovery just want to relax at the end of the day. They may get together for a softball game, or a little basketball action. Other may prefer volleyball. There’s also a weight room and a ping-pong table.

If a person just wants to sit quietly, read, listen to music or work with crafts, there is plenty of room for that. Outings are scheduled for those who have worked hard on their recovery programs to visit a nearby swimming pool or go to a movie with staff. Some students well along in their recoveries may choose to work with staff who are volunteering their time to help with community projects like holiday parades or drug education events. It is a way for them to give back to the community after years of destructive involvement in drugs.

This peaceful environment with accommodations for learning as well as fun provides an optimum location for building a new, sober life.