Drug Rehab for Denver, CO

Watching an addict spiral into a life of crime is devastating. Addiction turns lives upside down as cravings push the addict into desperately searching for that next pill or drink. The addicted person will go to extraordinary lengths to obtain a high, even turning to criminal activity to get the money needed for pills, powder or alcohol. It becomes a matter of survival to obtain lasting sobriety, and at last, there is hope with the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

Narconon Colorado

Drug-related crime in the Denver area stems mostly from methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Addiction to these drugs places the addicted individual into very real danger. To get an addict into a recovery program is vital, and with Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins, the solution is available. Only a short drive from Denver, this residential center offers a truly holistic and effective program, leaving drug abuse behind.

Drug-free Withdrawal Starts the Program Out the Right Way

Narconon’s recovery program gets an addict through the withdrawal period without the use of substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine. In fact, no substitute medications are used at any time throughout the recovery process. The use of these medications is simply replacing one addiction for another since these substitute drugs are addictive in themselves.

An Effective Drug Rehab in Denver Offers Lasting Sobriety

Although those who have previously gone through other withdrawals may strongly dread another, there is no reason to dread withdrawal at Narconon. Using plenty of nutritional support helps the body to cope with the difficulties experienced. Special techniques assist with the aches, pains, and discomforts. Reorientation exercises give the recovering addict a new view of a future without drugs.

Sauna used in New Life Detox program

In addition to a tolerable withdrawal, the Narconon treatment also includes other vital aspects in achieving lasting recovery. A thorough detoxification is accomplished with the Narconon New Life Detoxification, eliminating drug residues stored in the fatty tissues of the body. The flushing of the body of these toxins helps protect the person against relapse, as drug residues are known to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings even years after drug use has stopped.

Life Skills Courses, such as the Ups and Downs in Life Course, teach a student how to make the right decisions once back out in his day-to-day life. Basic skills in living get lost during a life of addiction, so it is important to restore these to give the recovering addict the tools he needs for a new life without drugs.

Narconon is Saving Addicted Lives Every Day

Denver, Colorado sees an ever-increasing supply of hard drugs such as heroin. Many addicts have switched from opioids like OxyContin to heroin as it is less expensive. However, no matter the drug of choice, addiction is devastating to families, relationships, and society, not to mention the individual himself. Finding a way out of the dark and getting on the road to recovery is imperative.

The proven Narconon program has the solutions necessary for lasting recovery and freedom from addiction. It gives new hope for the individual to have a happy and productive future. Call Narconon today.