Drug Rehab for Colorado Springs, CO

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An addict suffers from the effects of addiction, not only physically, but spiritually as well. Illness is commonplace. The person’s values and integrity seem to evaporate, no matter how upstanding the person was prior to his life of addiction. However, the effect not often considered is the very real possibility of death. This could come from a bad concoction of drugs, an overdose or drug-related crime.

Locating a drug rehab facility becomes a necessity, vital to getting an addict out of danger of losing his very life. With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Fort Collins, help is only a short drive away from Colorado Springs.

Narconon Colorado drug rehab center

Rebuilding Life Skills Lost in the Lifestyle of Addiction is the Road to Recovery

After a drug-free withdrawal and thorough detoxification, Narconon’s holistic program offers an addict the opportunity to restore and rebuild life skills that became submerged after long-term drug abuse. Each recovering addict must have data that he can actually apply to life once drug use has ceased. New life skills are needed to provide him with ways to weather the stresses and challenges he will face when he returns home.

For example, certain people in an addict’s life may have influenced him in using drugs. On the Narconon Ups and Downs in Life Course, the student will be able to recognize such people and how to avoid them. He can then develop relationships with more positive people, those who will support his life of sobriety.

These Life Skills Courses enable the recovering individual to make the correct decisions so they don’t need to turn to a pill or alcohol to face their problems. They will be proofed against relapse into a devastating life of addiction.

Thorough Detoxification is Important to Lasting Recovery

Once through the initial withdrawal phase, the recovering addict soon goes through another phase of recovery that assists most people with cravings. The Narconon New Life Detoxification is a combination of low-heat sauna, an exact regimen of nutritional supplements and exercise that flushes out drug residues from the body. Drugs stay stored in the fatty tissues of the body, and remain even years after drug use has ceased. Unless they are eliminated, they can release back into the bloodstream, causing foggy mental processes. They have also been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings. Once these stored poisons are gone, the person will feel brighter and many have commented that their drug cravings are gone.

The Narconon program gives an addict the opportunity to live a life without drugs. This effective alternative treatment saves addicted lives every day. In this comfortable residential center in Colorado, an addicted person can achieve lasting sobriety and have a happy life once again. Call Narconon today.

An Alternative Drug Rehab for Individuals in Colorado Springs

A highly potent form of methamphetamine is known as ice. According to reports, the abuse of this drug contributes the most to violent crime in Colorado Springs. However, no matter the drug of choice of an addict, the threat of death from drug-related crime or even drug overdose is never far off. It goes without saying that getting an addict on the road to lasting recovery is of vital importance.

Colorado Springs is a high-intensity drug trafficking area, with increasing distribution of heroin and ice methamphetamine. More supplies come from Mexico regularly, and more people get caught up in a destructive life of drug abuse. Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins offers a program that addresses the factors that can prevent lasting sobriety. Addicts can at last leave drugs behind and go on with a productive and successful life.