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Drug Detox Step of the Narconon Program

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Narconon Drug Detoxification Program

The sauna detox helps remove toxins and hence help with thinking clearer.When a person goes through the deep, cleansing detoxification phase of the Narconon drug rehab program and sees his (or her) cravings gradually die away, he can also see his new, drug-free life opening up right in front of him.

Below, you'll find more details on how this step of the program works.

Helping the body eliminate toxins: Over the last thirty years, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs around the world have offered their exclusive form of detoxification that utilizes healthy means to help the body eliminate the drug residues that are associated with cravings.

How is the Narconon Detoxification Action Different?

Narconon - No Drugs

Using no drugs: First and very importantly, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program uses no drugs. In fact, there are no drugs used anywhere in the entire Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

Adding More Toxins into the Body? Instead of adding more chemicals, the Narconon philosophy is to support and enhance the ability of the body to heal and flush out stored drug toxins.

So starting with the first hour in the Withdrawal Unit of a Narconon center, nutritional supplements are provided to help a body start to activate its own natural ability to detoxify. A couple of steps later in the program, each person starts the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

This phase of recovery utilizes the following components:

  • Carefully planned program of nutritional supplements
  • Moderate daily exercise
  • Gradually increasing time spent each day in a low-heat sauna
  • Careful supervision of nutritional intake, exercise, water and time in sauna as well as review of any phenomena related to the process.

This combination has been tested and proven to create a flushing of drug residues that tend to lodge in the fatty tissues of the body.

Supervised Drug Detox

Part of the puzzle solved: It's these stored residues that resolve the mystery of the "sudden, inexplicable" reversion to drug use, even after years of sobriety. Because drugs tend to be attracted to and bond to fats, they can be hard to eliminate from the body. There is less blood circulation in fat and these drug residues do not easily break their bond with the body fat. If the person has a thin body, there is still internal fat in which these residues can be stored.

When this fat is needed for energy as in the case of strenuous exercise or high stress such as an argument or other conflict, the body may draw on these fat reserves -- releasing these residues back into the bloodstream. At this time, some people may once again feel a compulsion to use drugs that overwhelms their hard-won sobriety, even after months or years.

Drug Detox Flush Out

Doing a detoxification the Narconon way results in these residues being flushed out, meaning a much lower rate of reversion to drug use. Those completing this phase often state that their drug cravings reduced as the residues were flushed out. Some people even say that their cravings are gone completely just doing this step of the full Narconon program.

As proof of the effectiveness of this regimen, it is common for people in this detoxification process to report that they briefly feel the effects of drugs that were taken months or even years ago. Persistence in the procedure results in these signs passing away and being replaced with a brighter outlook and clearer thinking.

This is how you create a person who can stay sober, who can create a long-lasting productive, enjoyable life. The unique detoxification phase of the Narconon program has proven to be an essential component in drug recovery, enabling seven out of ten graduates to retain their sobriety.

What Can Happen if You Don't Do the Narconon Sauna Step? What can happen without this detoxification help is that one day, the person is doing fine and the next, he is suddenly back to using crack, Ecstasy, OxyContin, alcohol or some other drug. There is no warning. It may be that he's the only one who knows what triggered these cravings but it may also be that he has no clue.

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cocaine metabolites in sweat and urine
This graph shows cocaine metabolites coming out in the sweat and urine of clients participating in the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

What is a Drug Detox Like in Other Rehabilitation Facilities?

What is often referred to as detox in other programs is the initial step of withdrawing from the drug. At Narconon, this is called our Withdrawal phase of the program. This would come after any medically assisted detox a person may need before starting the Narconon program.

Medical detox involves the use of medication to ease the person through the worst of withdrawal symptoms and is sometimes needed the alcohol consumption is at a high level or there is heavy use of certain prescription drugs. Alcohol detox after a period of heavy drinking can trigger high fevers, seizures, coma and even death so close monitoring in a hospital setting is recommended. Clonidine is a antihypertension drug that is often used as part of detox, or benzodiazepines like Valium or Xanax may be used.

These detox processes do not really detoxify. They merely help a person step down from his usual level of intoxication. The other problem with these detoxes is that they still override the natural processes of the body with strong drugs. While every person is different and the outcomes of these different detoxes will vary, these detoxes can be very harsh on the body's systems.

In some cases, such as with heroin use, a person may be put on another drug such as Methadone, which is not a detox at all since they are just replacing one drug for another.

While an initial detox or withdrawal step will help get a person past the agony of drug withdrawal, the remaining drug residues are not yet eliminated from the body. They can continue to affect him or her, making true recovery an ongoing challenge. At a Narconon center, once someone is fully through the withdrawal phase of the program, they will then complete the Narconon New Life Detoxification program to fully rid themselves of the lingering effects of drug residues in the body.

Hear it from those who did the program

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