Did Portugal Really Legalize All Drugs?

I hear people say: “America should legalize all drugs because Portugal did it and everything was fine.” Actually, that’s not true. It’s time to look at exactly what Portugal did in relation to their drug problem and what the result was.


Karen in Drug Rehab
March 17, 2018

Opioid Overdose Antidote Naloxone: Curse or Blessing?

It’s not difficult to pick up on the controversy swirling around the use of the opioid antidote naloxone. Some people see value in saving the lives of those who overdose. Others think that these people who seem to be trying so hard to die should be left to their fates. It’s a difficult question that deserves examination.


Karen in Drug overdoses
March 8, 2018

The ONE Thing You Need to Know about the Opioid Epidemic

There’s one simple fact that is more important than all others on the subject of our opioid epidemic…


Karen in Medication-assisted treatment
December 23, 2017

Life on Suboxone: Not as Pretty as the Brochures Make You Think

You’ve probably heard of Suboxone. But maybe you haven’t heard from its users what it’s like to break free from this drug. Chances are you won’t hear the real tale from anyone unless they’ve gone through it.


Karen in Recovery
August 8, 2017

Helping Someone with Addiction? Tip: Don’t Judge.

When someone slides gradually into full-blown addiction, they experience massive amounts of judgment as they deteriorate. To help someone deeply immersed in addiction, you’ll have to do it without judging.


Karen in Opioids
July 31, 2017

Is There Really a Difference Between Heroin and Suboxone?

Suboxone is given to hundreds of thousands of people in America as a treatment for addiction to opioids. Suboxone is promoted as a real “solution” to addiction but most people choosing this solution are never told the whole story of what they are in for.


Karen in Information on U.S. States
April 14, 2017

Florida Grabs Two Slots in a “Top 15” List – and Why that’s Really Bad News

It seems like it’d always be desirable for a city to show up in a list of the Top Ten or Twenty for some particular quality. Florida is no newcomer to these honors. But this time, Florida is not exactly honored by taking two places on a new “Top 15” list.


Karen in Methamphetamine
February 26, 2017

Detecting Methamphetamine Use that Someone Wants to Keep Hidden

The stereotypical image of a methamphetamine user is someone who is agitated, nervous, paranoid and artificially energetic, always moving from place to place in a manic manner.


Karen in Drug Rehab
February 17, 2017

Is Suboxone Really a Solution for Recovery or Does it Perpetuate the Problem?

Part 2 of the series: Suboxone: Salvation for the Addicted or Seriously Flawed Solution? Is Suboxone really a good solution for addiction? We look at more reasons why maybe this isn’t the best choice.