Ren in Health risks
February 10, 2023

Cocaine and Opioid Abuse Connected to Potentially Fatal Heart Disease

A recent NIDA press release shows how it’s not just opioid addiction that is connected to endocarditis, but new studies show cocaine addiction increases the risk for potentially fatal heart disease too. These findings highlight how it’s not just the act of drug abuse itself that is dangerous; there are also the many potentially lethal health problems that might come up throughout the individual’s addiction, health problems that are a direct result of that drug abuse.


Ren in Cannabis
December 1, 2022

Cannabis Users at Greater Risk for Heart Rhythm Disorder

A new study showed that cannabis users experience a 35% increase in their risk for developing the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation. A-fib reduces quality of life and increases the risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, heart attack, and dementia.


Ren in Health risks
September 24, 2020

Many Cardiac Deaths May Actually Be Drug Overdoses

It’s known that drug and alcohol abuse has a harmful effect on one’s cardiovascular system. However, new data suggests that the real threat of drugs on one's heart may have been entirely underestimated.


Ren in Drug Information
November 16, 2018

The Dangers and Risks of Ecstasy

If you’ve had an ear to the ground on the recent drug news and its media coverage, you may have heard whisperings and suggestions that psychedelics, hallucinogens, and a few other designer drugs are supposedly “helpful” or beneficial for addressing certain mental health issues.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Use
May 27, 2018

How the Heart Reacts to Drug Use

When you use drugs, they travel through your bloodstream. The drugs in the blood veins and arteries will eventually pass through the heart, and once there they often have effects which can cause serious and potentially fatal consequences.