Karen Hadley in Drug Information
September 19, 2019

Have We Simply Become Numb to All the Drug-Related Deaths?

There’s a problem with the readily-available information on statistics related to America’s drug abuse and drug overdose situation. And this problem could be skewing the way many of us perceive this situation and reducing our sense of urgency in seeking effective solutions.


Ren in Drug use trends
August 21, 2019

Is Carfentanil the New Super-Drug?

We often ask questions such as “Why has the U.S. drug problem been going on for so long?” We might look for the answer in the fact that nearly every year we are exposed to a new drug (or two or three).


Ren in Drug Information
December 1, 2018

All About Heroin—How One of the World’s Oldest Drugs Made a Comeback in the 21st-Century

We have all likely heard of heroin, the drug whose very name inspires thoughts of sorrow and despair when we hear it spoken. Heroin’s wicked web of addiction and dependence of millions of people over the years has built a thoroughly bad reputation for this life-threatening drug.


Karen Hadley in Heroin Addiction
February 10, 2015

Where Did All this Heroin Come From?

The growing heroin problem in this country is overwhelming public health departments. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a news article about a state or county that is trying to come to grips with overdose deaths and drug trafficking.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Addiction
February 3, 2014

Heroin Use Doubles in Suburban America

Heroin used to be a drug that was mostly associated with the inner city or with groups on the fringes of society. Now, heroin is increasingly becoming a drug that can be found in the residential communities that so many of the families in this country call home.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
November 2, 2012

More Using Heroin Than Oxycodone And Other Prescriptions

Heroin is no longer reserved for haggard, zombie-like junkies huddled in the shadows of back alleys–it’s everywhere. It’s even creeping into suburban living rooms and teenage bedrooms through the Internet, bringing with it an unexpected side effect: overdose.