Ren in News
March 28, 2024

What Is the Scope of Club Drug Experimentation Today?

Club drugs refer to a category of drugs often associated with nightclubs, dance parties, music festivals, and raves. The drugs became prominent in the 1990s, and the use of such substances is still quite common. Some studies report an increase in interest in club drugs, especially among young people. Americans should educate themselves on club drugs and their effects. They should avoid such drugs and help their loved ones avoid them.


Ren in Drug Prevention
May 26, 2022

Drug “Experimentation” in Youth Leads to Addiction in Adulthood

A long-held point of view has been that young people will experiment with drugs and alcohol because “that’s just what young people do” often maintaining that young people will transition out of drug and alcohol experimentation when they grow older and more mature. New research suggests that this is not the case.


Ren in Drug Information
August 31, 2018

Drug Addicts Experimenting with Anti-Diarrhea Drugs

Just when we thought we had heard it all when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction in the 21st century, the newest information to hit the airwaves is that opioid addicts are now experimenting with anti-diarrhetic drug . No, you did not misread that.