Ren in Gateway drugs
January 8, 2019

What is the Real Risk Behind Teen Vaping?

The common pastime that we know as vaping is not the risk-free, cigarette habit-breaking hobby that we are often led to believe it is. Though “vape culture” as it is called has been met with strong support, real risks to our health are present in vaping.


Karen in Drug prevention
January 6, 2017

Save Your Teen by Spotting Changes that Result from Drug Use

Far too often, drug use progresses to addiction and even an overdose death without a parent realizing what the real problem was. It’s more important than ever that a parent know how to identify the mental, emotional and behavioral changes that occur when a teen begins to use drugs.


Karen in Marijuana
December 23, 2016

Should Parents be Tolerant of Marijuana Use by Teens or Young Adults?

One thing is for sure: There is plenty of confusing information circulating about marijuana. One faction claims it’s harmless and even medicinal. The other faction holds the opinion that this drug is dangerous in many ways. Caught in the middle are our young citizens. Teens and young adults can hardly be blamed for thinking the substance is benign. Should parents just give in and let youth do what they want?