Ren in Family Help
August 9, 2020

Your Loved One Just Relapsed – What Do You Do?

One of the most feared words in the addiction treatment space is the word “relapse.” Relapse carries such a horrible connotation, and many recovering addicts associate “relapse” with “failure.” They should not do this. Relapses DO happen, yes, but there is a straightforward process of addressing relapses and making sure they DON’T happen again.


Ren in Drug Rehabilitation
April 18, 2019

Should a Jail Be Responsible For Treating Addiction?

When I checked the news the other day I was shocked to find a story of a federal judge who ordered that a county jail in Massachusetts be made to give an inmate his methadone doses, so he could continue his medication-assisted therapy.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Addiction
June 7, 2018

After Naloxone – What’s Next for Opiate Addicts?

One after another, police departments and emergency responders are being equipped with naloxone devices. If you haven’t heard of these yet, they are devices that provide a pre-set amount of the drug naloxone. This drug will quickly reverse the effects of an opiate overdose.


Karen Hadley in Opioids
July 31, 2017

Is There Really a Difference Between Heroin and Suboxone?

Suboxone is given to hundreds of thousands of people in America as a treatment for addiction to opioids. Suboxone is promoted as a real “solution” to addiction but most people choosing this solution are never told the whole story of what they are in for.


Karen Hadley in Drug Rehab
January 9, 2017

Navigating the Bewildering Task of Selecting a Drug Rehab Program

When someone you love is addicted and you’re looking for a recovery program, it’s an intensely stressful and traumatic time. You need something right now but at the same time, you want something that will truly enable a person to stay sober afterwards. What do you need to know to choose the right program?


Jason Good in Drug Awareness
November 13, 2016

What Every Parent Should Know About College Parties

Going off to college is an emotional roller coaster. Mothers are crying and fathers are making what seems like their best effort to embarrass their child before finally leaving them in a half moved in dorm room.


Karen Hadley in Narconon
December 11, 2014

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for Clients & Families Held at Narconon Arrowhead

Many people who consider getting into rehab so that they can finally quit abusing drugs or alcohol hesitate to do so during the holidays. They don’t want to miss out on everything, or maybe they are concerned about letting their loved ones down by not being there for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Sue Birkenshaw
October 9, 2013

New Afghan Rehab Centers Emerging for Entire Populations

Most Americans know of Afghanistan primarily as being the country that our military invaded in November of 2001 in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.