Ren in Drug-Related News
May 29, 2023

New Research Finds Cocaine Use Can Cause Permanent Damage to the Nose

New research out of Great Britain connects rising cocaine use trends to permanent damage in the nasal passages, such that cocaine users lose their sense of smell and may even experience serious infections and tissue loss in their nasal passages.


Karen Hadley in Sobriety
April 17, 2020

What to Do Right Now to Improve Your Resistance to Disease

Especially for those who have spent time addicted to drugs or alcohol, this is the best possible time to boost your immune system. We'll provide you with simple suggestions to help you increase your resistance to disease.


Ren in Drug Education
April 12, 2020

Drug Use, COVID-19, and Increased Risk for Addicts

The nation is suffering a pandemic of epic proportions. But before COVID-19, the U.S. was already struggling with the addiction crisis. How are addicts affected by the developing COVID-19 crisis?


Ren in Drug use trends
January 2, 2020

Drug Addiction on a Global Scale

Almost universally across the world, drug use is going up. Why is this? Why are more people using drugs? Are people naturally inclined to use drugs? Certainly not. National and international communities work very hard to crack down on drug production, trafficking, distribution, etc.


Ren in Drug Education
August 14, 2019

Bad Habits Lead to Bad Habits—The Importance of Maintaining a Sober and Healthy Life

A headline in U.S. News caught my eye. It read, “Teens’ Opioid Abuse May Be Gateway to Heroin.” Written by U.S. News contributor Robert Preidt, the article talks about how one type of drug use can lead to another type of drug use.


Ren in Alcohol
June 25, 2019

A Planet Drowning in Alcohol

We might not think of alcohol when we think of the world’s most addictive or harmful drug, but alcohol is up there, completely dwarfing narcotic drugs and mind-altering substances. Alcohol is a drug, in every sense of the word, and just because it is legal in the United States and other countries does not mean it is harmless.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Addiction
June 14, 2015

Is a Drug User Only Hurting Himself?

When pinned down by his family and told that he (or she) needs to go to rehab, many addicted people will complain that the family just needs to leave him alone because, after all, “I’m only hurting myself.