Ren in Drug Information
December 27, 2020

Marijuana in 2020—As Potency Increases, So Does Risk

Cannabis products have become far more potent than they used to be. Does an increase in potency also equate to an increase in risk?


Karen in Marijuana
June 6, 2018

Alert for Parents: Watch for this New Form of Marijuana

There’s a new cannabis product making the rounds and parents need to know what to look for. West Coast parents may already have found this drug in their child’s backpack or pockets but for most other parts of the country, it’s a new arrival.


Karen in Drug Rehab
December 27, 2017

2018: A New Year, A New Resolution to End Addiction

A family searching for drug treatment for their loved one may not know there are drug-free alternatives for recovery. When true rehabilitation is chosen over drug-based treatment, a person can actually regain the ability to enjoy every day of a drug-free life.