Karen Hadley in Drug Education
February 8, 2024

How Inhalants Can Kill, Even the Very First Time They Are Used

The article explains the lethal risks associated with inhalant abuse, especially prevalent among young people due to the accessibility of these common household items. Felt tip pens, markers, nail polish remover, paint—any of these substances and hundreds more can intoxicate or kill. Statistics reveal the alarming incidence of inhalant abuse among students and how and why their abuse can lead to sudden death.


Editorial Staff in Drug Prevention
March 2, 2023

Talk to Young People About Drugs and Alcohol

With new findings suggesting drug use is more dangerous for youths now than ever before, parents must do everything possible to prevent their kids from experimenting with mind-altering substances. This effort begins by having conversations with kids, and by helping them understand why they should avoid using drugs.


Ren in Drug Prevention
May 26, 2022

Drug “Experimentation” in Youth Leads to Addiction in Adulthood

A long-held point of view has been that young people will experiment with drugs and alcohol because “that’s just what young people do” often maintaining that young people will transition out of drug and alcohol experimentation when they grow older and more mature. New research suggests that this is not the case.


Karen Hadley in Drug Use
April 4, 2022

The State of Teen Drug Use: What Are the Real Numbers?

Are our children using more drugs or less these days? How about drinking and binge drinking? Actually, quite a bit of the information is positive.


Karen Hadley in Gateway drugs
December 4, 2021

Are There Really Any Gateway Drugs?

Arguments over this concept are not likely to end any time soon, with pro-drug advocates claiming that there is no gateway effect to drug use, and prohibitionists claiming the opposite. We take a look at some of the science.


Ren in News
November 7, 2019

Sesame Street Addresses Addicted Parents and Harmful Effects of Drugs

On the subject of drugs, many parents often don’t know even how to begin broaching this subject. That is particularly true if parents have had little to no experience with drugs in their own lives. But parents see the news reports, and they hear the warnings. Drug use is becoming more common, more dangerous, and more deadly.


Ren in Drug Education
October 19, 2019

How to Talk to Kids About Drugs

“How do we talk to our kids, even young kids, about drugs and alcohol?” “And should we do so?” “What is the right age to start talking to my child about drugs and alcohol?” “How do I communicate to a nine-year-old what drugs are and why they’re bad?” These questions and many others like them are at the forefront of parents’ minds. As we continue to live through what might be the worst drug addiction epidemic that this country has ever seen, such questions are becoming even more prominent.