Brace Yourself: A Tsunami of Psychedelic Drug Use May Be Coming

Technology workers’ use of psychedelic drugs in an attempt to boost productivity has been followed by more calls for medical testing and legalization. But psychedelic use is associated with delusions, psychosis, paranoia, and physical and mental harm that can be permanent.


Ren in Legislation
May 25, 2022

Does Removing Criminal Penalties for Drug Use Lead to More Drug Use?

Does it really make sense to blanket legalize drugs? On the other hand, does it really make sense to continue the War on Drugs? Or is it possible that leaving some penalties in place but altering or lessening them if treatment is completed might be more effective than either blanket legalization of drugs or ruthlessly throwing people in jail for drug use?


Ren in Studies and Reports
November 30, 2020

Study Refutes Common Argument for Marijuana Legalization

While some of the argument behind marijuana legalization revolves around a claim that legal access to marijuana would reduce the need for addictive opioid painkillers, according to a recent study opioid use statistics do not fall when marijuana is used to relieve pain.


Ren in Marijuana
December 20, 2019

Adverse Consequences of Marijuana Use on the Rise in States that Legalized

Just about everything having to do with marijuana is seen as highly controversial. As states continue to legalize its use for recreational purposes, we are beginning to see growing evidence that not all is as it seems. Using marijuana has consequences and, legal or not, the number of individuals affected by those consequences is growing.


Ren in Legislation
June 12, 2019

Decriminalization, Legalization, or Diversion—What’s the Right Solution?

As our great nation continues to struggle with a sweeping drug problem, the American people have attempted to create new ways and means of addressing that problem. Not all such approaches have been successful or sensible.