Ren in Resource Guide
April 16, 2020

How Do You Help Your Son or Daughter Stay Sober After Rehab?

Before a son or daughter gets into rehab, parents worry about an overdose. After a son or daughter completes rehab, parents worry about a relapse. What can YOU do, as a parent, to ensure your son or daughter has a healthy and relapse-free life?


Ren in Resource Guide
March 29, 2018

Is It Even Worth Talking to Teens About Drugs?

Parents face a veritable plethora of challenges and scrutiny when it comes to raising their kids. This scrutiny comes from their kids, from other parents or peers, and from the parents themselves. Sometimes, it can seem like there is no right answer here, no clear way to parent a child.


Sachi in Resource Guide
August 3, 2017

Do You Know the Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use?

When you suspect that someone you love is using drugs, it can be bewildering, stressful and confusing to determine what’s really going on. This chart was compiled to help you identify some of the signs and symptoms of common types of substances.


Sue Birkenshaw in Resource Guide
May 17, 2013

Three Tips for Keeping Teens Safe from Addiction During Summer

There is great truth to the old adage, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings.” When people have little or nothing to do with their time, they can be expected to find something to do, and it will not always be a good thing.