Do You Know the Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use?

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use Chart

When you suspect that someone you love is using drugs, it can be bewildering, stressful and confusing to determine what’s really going on.

What do someone’s pupils and eyes look like on meth, opiates or alcohol? How do club drugs or depressants effect a person’s behavior or thinking?

This chart was compiled to help you identify some of the signs and symptoms of common types of substances.

See below to learn about signs and symptoms of:

  • Alcohol — Is the most widely abused drug in the world. How do you know when drinking has gone too far?
  • Cannabis — The most popular forms of cannabis are: marijuana, hashish and hash oil.
  • Opiates — This is a category of drugs that includes most painkillers, heroin and other illicit drugs that are chemically similar, they can be natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic drugs.
  • Stimulants — The list of commonly used stimulants includes: cocaine, crack, meth and prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.
  • Club Drugs — The most well-known club drug is probably ecstasy. GHB and Rohypnol are others that fit into that category.
  • DissociativesKetamine, DMT and PCP are drugs commonly used as dissociatives. 
  • Hallucinogens — LSD (acid) is often the first drug that comes to mind when talking about hallucinogens. Some other hallucinogens are shroomsmescaline, and ayahuasca.
  • Inhalants — The list of inhalants is a long one: aerosol cans, markers, nail polish remover, hair spray, fabric protectors and dry cleaning fluid are some to name a few.
  • Depressants — This includes, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, sleeping aids and a long list of prescription medications.

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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

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