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Understanding the Dangers of Club Drugs Abuse

On Club Drugs

In a club environment, drug abuse can be infectious. Even a person who doesn't normally use drugs might indulge when everyone around him seems to be having a good time. But these strong stimulants and psychedelic drugs have disastrous effects on some people.

What you can do about club drug abuse

A complete guide on the problem

The Lowdown on the Dangers

The exact points that make these drugs so hazardous to abuse.

Effects of Club Drugs

The major drugs abused in nightclubs and dance clubs are described here.

Learning More about Club Drugs

Sources of authoritative information about club drugs plus a comment on Spring Breaks.

Are They Already Using these Drugs?

How to tell if rehab is needed to save their life and how to select the right rehab center.

Talking to Your Kids about Club Drugs

Specific advice on the steps to take to make this task easier and more effective.

Effects of LSD

For a person to make the right decision before they start using these drugs, they need to know the dangerous effects that can occur.

Signs of LSD Abuse

Know when someone you care about is abusing this drug.

Effects of Ecstasy

There are essentially no music festivals or dance clubs where this drug is not heavily abused. Understand what problems can arise.

Signs of Ecstasy Abuse

If you know what to look for when someone is abusing Ecstasy, you may be able to save their life.

Ketamine Basics

This drug is often abused in party environments but can be very hard on one's body.

Rohypnol and GHB

Both are party drugs but both have been involved in many "date rapes" as well.

MDPV Basics

This is a synthetic that is often used at parties but makes some people delusional and paranoid.

Signs of MDPV Abuse

Know what you are looking at so you can help someone who's in trouble.

At the Club

The irony of club drugs is that they are mostly abused so people can have a good time. Or so they think. Too many end up having anything but a good time. They may wind up in a severe panic attack, overheated and in the hospital or even dead. Because some of these drugs cause paranoid, delusional behavior, they could assault another person or take their own lives. Others cause a person to be so out of touch that they are helpless.

Club drugs are addictive which means that even when a person's life spirals out of control, they can't stop. Severe physical and mental harm may be the result of what was just an attempt to party the night away.

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