Understanding the Dangers of Club Drugs Abuse

glow lights at a rave

Nightclubs, music festivals, and other music venues seem custom-built for drug abuse. The flashing lights and even textures on walls and furniture in these venues are designed to be exciting to a person who is high on the types of drugs commonly used at these events.

In this environment, even a person who doesn’t normally use drugs might indulge because everyone around him seems to be having a good time. But these strong stimulants and psychedelic drugs have disastrous effects on some people. They may cause great physical harm or even death, or trap a person in addiction.

Because of this addictive factor, even when a person’s life spirals out of control, they may not be able to stop. Severe physical and mental harm may be the result of what was just an attempt to party the night away.

Learn more about the types of drugs that are likely to be abused at these events by using the links below.

What You Can Do About Club Drugs

at a night club

Learn about the types of drugs common to these events, the effects they can cause and how to explain these dangers to a young person. http://www.narconon.org/drug-abuse/club-drugs/what-you-can-do.html

Preventing the Use of Club Drugs

young people using drugs

Know how to educate teens and young adults so they know the dangers.


Signs and Symptoms of Ecstasy Abuse

young couple taking ecstasy pills

This is the most popular drug at most music festivals or dance events – but it can be deadly.


Signs and symptoms of Molly Abuse

molly or ecstasy pills

If your loved one frequents music and dance events, they are likely to encounter Molly, a different form of Ecstasy.


Signs and Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

ketamine and a needle

Ketamine is a dangerous drug often used at these events. Know its effects.


Signs and Symptoms of PCP Abuse

using PCP

Families need to understand what is happening if a loved one takes PCP at a party and then comes home incoherent.


Signs and Symptoms of Rohypnol and GHB Abuse

putting GHB in a drink

Some people, especially women, may be given this drug at a party without their consent. If there is an assault, they may not be able to protect themselves.


Signs and Symptoms of LSD Abuse


LSD has been making a comeback at music events and parties but is just as dangerous as always.


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