How to Treat Alcoholism

Unfortunately from the viewpoint of treatment, alcoholism has as one of its characteristics that the drinker will almost always deny that he has an alcohol problem. This fact makes it frustrating for family members who want to help the alcoholic cease his alcohol consumption and face his drinking problem. It also is sad that this very behavior often continues the addiction without end.

It is only when the alcoholic finally does decide he needs help to handle his perpetual addiction that family members can then assist him to find an effective treatment and rehab program. Families often find out that there are a variety of treatment modalities with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Narconon offers a proven method of drug and alcohol treatment in over 40 countries of the world. Narconon has been succeeding in helping alcoholics and drug addicts across the world since it was started in Arizona in 1966.

Length of treatment is another significant factor. It may take 3-6 months or even longer for one to complete the full Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. However, that time frame is consistent with the recommendations of many agencies, including the National Institute on Drug Addiction of the United States (NIDA). They state that “Generally, for residential or outpatient treatment, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, and lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.”

When you or your family member are looking for treatment of alcohol abuse, therefore, you should be looking for a long-term alcohol treatment program. You would also be wise to find a drug-free program. Some facilities give drugs to prevent an alcoholic from drinking and other drugs are sometimes prescribed for mental disorders that some people may think exist in a recovering alcoholic. These drugs, however, are usually addictive.

However long the person has been addicted to alcohol, however, there is hope for a full and successful drug-free recovery at Narconon. The experience of most recovering addicts at Narconon is that with a real chance of recovery such as Narconon provides, the person will not relapse and continue their previous inclination to drink. Upon completion of the rehab program, they very often show no other symptoms that need any medication.

According to the same reference cited above by NIDA, “Treatment dropout” is one of the major problems encountered by treatment programs; therefore, motivational techniques that can keep patients engaged will also improve outcomes.

Narconon’s program does exactly that. From the start of the program until graduation, each person is fully committed to his successful completion. At Narconon a graduate only completes the program when he has certainty that he can live his life without the drug or alcohol crutch he had been using to cope with his problems.

In addition to a thorough withdrawal and the deep detox provided through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a Narconon student is trained in many life skills to make sure he has the tools to ensure he has the tools to make smart choices for the future. These classes teach, among other things, communication skills, personal integrity, and even a moral code based wholly on common sense. By the end of the eight different phases of the Narconon program, the participant truly regains his self-respect, and is prepared to be a productive, happy and drug-free member of society.

In fact, fully seventy percent of persons who complete the Narconon program, when followed up two years after their graduation, are still drug and alcohol free. Narconon reviews and the success rate speaks for itself.

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