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Narconon Non-Traditional Treatment

For some families seeking help for an addicted loved one, non-traditional treatment is the right move. In many cases, families have tried traditional treatment programs and the result has been relapse. Unfortunately, in some of these cases, families have tried rehab after rehab with the same lack of result. This is the time many families seek a change.

In other cases, families seek a rehab that matches their own philosophy of recovery. Non traditional treatment programs may offer a more holistic approach or may reject the idea of using drugs as part of treatment.

The Narconon non-traditional treatment program

What separates a successful rehab from a less successful one is the sobriety rate after completion of the program. When a person goes home, does he or she manage to stay off drugs and alcohol? In the US, most rehabs have success rates of 16% to 20%. In Europe, many rehabs utilize methadone, buphrenorphine or even pharmaceutical grade heroin as part of their treatment programs, so there is no consideration of a drug-free life after treatment. In Russia, drug rehab is referred to as "narcology" and is an heir of old Soviet psychiatry. Barbiturates are often used after a person is released from treatment.

For those seeking a different outcome, non-traditional treatment programs have begun to be offered. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a drug-free, alternative treatment program that falls into this non-traditional category. It has grown from a single center opened in Los Angeles in the late 1960s to an international network of facilities located in diverse locations like Moscow, Taiwan, Mexico, Buenos Aires, California, Florida, Michigan and Italy.

The Narconon program is based on the idea that if you repair the damage done by addiction and restore the person's life skills, they will be able to stay sober after they go home. It is a simple basic idea but it takes an understanding of the pattern and nature of addiction to make it work. It takes experienced staff who understand that some recovering addicts are fighting urges to use drugs and return to an addictive lifestyle.

One phase of the Narconon program that helps separate recovering addicts from those urges is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. In this phase of recovery, each person receives a very specific regimen of nutritional supplements, exercises moderately and spends time in a low-heat sauna. This combination has proven to enable a person's body to flush out old drug toxins. As long as a body hangs onto these toxins, they can be involved in triggering cravings and producing slow, unclear thinking.

Once this phase is complete, recovering addicts state that they not only think clearer and have more energy, they also have fewer or no drug cravings.

Of course, recovery doesn't stop there. Each person must then break the mold of the addictive lifestyle by recovering self-respect, relieving guilt and learning to make drug-free decisions even in challenging situations. What should be done when one runs into an old drug dealer or substance abusing friends or even family? These situations can and do come up and the recovering person must know how to handle them.

The program ends with the teaching of a common sense, non-denominational moral code that acts as a guide to a successful and enjoyable life.

The result of this non-traditional treatment program is sobriety for seven out of ten graduates. If you are seeking non-traditional treatment for someone you love or for yourself, contact the Intake Counselors today to find out all the details about this program. Don't wait for tomorrow to bring a worsening of the situation with the addicted person, call today. Find a list of Narconon centers.

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