Have My Family Again

I graduated high school. I got pregnant with my daughter. My boyfriend at the time, got into a really bad accident, which led to me using drugs as a solution to cope with being a single mother.

So I started using OxyContin, and that led me into spending all of my rent check on this pill, which eventually led to me doing methamphetamines. And then that — after I started using that, I didn’t care what I used. And I used heroin, which built my criminal history. At this point, I went to jail for ten months. I got out. Instead of going to a rehab and doing what I needed to do, I started using again. And at this point, it's been three years since I’ve lost my daughter — it was to the point where I needed the help. So I ended up coming to Narconon.

Once I went into the program, I noticed myself gaining weight and just looking healthy again. I had a glow to my face again. I actually was laughing without trying. It was coming naturally. I was waking up with energy. That’s when my dad came and actually seeing me and just said that I looked like a completely different girl.

I have the relationships with my family that I never even had before Narconon. It’s like a different perspective that I would have never got if I didn’t come to Narconon.

I finally am able to teach my daughter the right things to do versus the wrong things to do, and really like reflect on the past and realize that that’s done and over with.

It’s like we never even missed a day. Like the love that we have for each other, is something that I will never ever go back on and it's something I would have never had if I didn’t come to Narconon to begin with.

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