Drug Rehab for Livonia, Michigan

Addiction destroys dreams—dreams of going to college and learning a career; dreams of success. When a son, daughter, spouse or other loved one has been overwhelmed with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, all these dreams come to a halt. Getting their next pill or drink becomes of utmost importance. 

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If you are in Livonia, Michigan and searching for a drug recovery program to help your loved one, you can find effective help at the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center just a little over an hour away.

An addict needs an effective rehabilitation program that will reduce his or her cravings, the cravings that take over their lives and destroy future goals and objectives. They need an effective drug rehab that will teach them to live a new life without drugs or alcohol. The Narconon program near Livonia does exactly this. It helps the addicted person learn to live a productive and sober life.

A Drug-Free Rehab Program for Greater Success

Although there are a few choices of treatment centers in Livonia and nearby, many drug rehab facilities use substitute medications such as buprenorphine, methadone or antidepressants. They are used in an attempt to ease the mental or physical problems when coming off drugs. However, these toxins stress the body’s systems, already under stress from previous drug use. They are also addictive. This only makes the problem worse.

The Narconon residential center in Albion, Michigan offers a drug-free program that reduces the chances of relapse. At Narconon Freedom Center, no drug substitutes are used. Once an individual arrives at the Narconon center, they begin our drug-free withdrawal program. To ease the aches and pains of withdrawal, effective techniques assist the addict in getting through the process. Reorientation exercises help the addicted person in realizing where he is—a safe place where he can begin to live a drug-free life.

Detoxification Releases Stored Drugs in the Body

When a person has been on drugs, all of the toxins do not leave the body. Some parts of the drugs’ chemical composition are stored, lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Under certain conditions, they can release again into the bloodstream, even years after drug use has ceased. These stored drugs have been known to contribute to the triggering of cravings, and have been known to create foggy thinking.

After withdrawal is completed, the recovering addict will take part in the innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification. This program has the addicted individual exercise to stimulate his or her circulation, spend time in a low-heat sauna and take certain vitamins and minerals that support detoxification. People have commented that going through this procedure, their thinking has become clearer and that they have more energy for life.

Once full detoxification has been done, the person begins a series of Life Skills courses. Since addiction usually begins with some kind of an emotional or physical pain in a person’s life, the factors that contributed to starting a life of drugs in the first place must be addressed. These courses address these and other areas that help an addict handle the stresses they are going to face when they reenter their day-to-day life.

An example of one of these courses is the Objectives. Often, an addict will have challenges communicating effectively and in perceiving his or her real environment. This course helps to bring the recovering addict back into communication and to restore his or her clear perceptions with a series of unique drills and exercises.

The person you love is still there, just obscured by his or her drug abuse. If you are dreaming of finding a real recovery for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, your dream has just come true. Contact Narconon today.