Drug Rehab for Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan
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Addicts need help to get off the destructive path they are following. And while often times they are not looking for help themselves, their family or friends may be searching for assistance for their addiction. However, not far from Flint is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that can help an addict return to a truly drug-free life.

When unsure of how to proceed, you can get answers from the Intake Counselors at Narconon. These staff can help draw out the addict’s own desire to recover because it is always there even though it may be buried deeply.

Finding Effective Drug Rehab Near Flint

For those looking for effective drug recovery near Flint, you will find 12 treatment centers in the city. However, most rehabilitation centers offer substitute medications for the withdrawal from drugs. This simply trades one habit for another, creating a new problem in attempting to solve the old one.

The drugs used in withdrawal at most facilities include methadone or buprenorphine and these are themselves addictive. Doctors will often continue to prescribe these for the recovering addict, which often leaves this person hooked on opioids.  The entire objective of doing drug rehab is to get away from drugs. Using substitute drugs creates a greater chance of relapse, as the person never really gets off drugs, and they never have the opportunity to learn how to live a drug-free life.

An Alternate Recovery Program

Located in Albion, Michigan, the Narconon Freedom Center is a residential drug rehab facility providing all the services needed to allow a person to leave drugs behind. The holistic treatment of the Narconon drug and rehabilitation center is the ideal approach to drug recovery. An addict first goes through a drug-free withdrawal that includes nutritional support plus reorientation and special techniques that make the entire procedure tolerable.

After withdrawal, the individual begins the innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification. When working towards sobriety, detoxification is an important aspect of full recovery because drug residues lodge in the fatty tissues of the body. With the use of a low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and nutritional supplements, these stored drugs are literally flushed out of the system. Since it’s been found that these toxins have been a contributing factor in triggering drug cravings even after drug use has ceased, having them eliminated from the body is quite a relief to the recovering addict.

Next in the Narconon program comes a vital step in preparing individuals who are in recovery to return to a life without drugs. They are going back into their old environments and will be facing challenges and stresses that were there before and perhaps even contributed to why they started using drugs in the first place.

The Life Skills courses provided on the Narconon drug and rehabilitation program give the individual the education needed so he can make the right decisions when back out in the world. One of these courses is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course can help the recovering addict to understand how others in the past may have influenced him to use drugs, and he will learn how to avoid being harmed by this type of person again.

Violent Crime in Flint Makes Effective Drug Rehabilitation a Necessity

Flint has been known for years as having an extremely high violent crime rate. With Flint lying within Michigan law enforcement’s designation of High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, it comes as no surprise that these criminal activities are often related to drug trafficking and abuse.

In Flint, as in other parts of Michigan, the burden on society from illicit drug activity is one of the weightiest ones in the world. However, one by one, addicts can receive effective help to leave drugs behind with the Narconon drug recovery program. Contact Narconon today.