Drug Rehab for Mexico

Hills near Queretero Mexico

Mexico suffers from the burden of being in the path of thousands of tons of illicit drugs that are headed from South America or its own borders toward the US. While profits are higher if these drugs make it all the way into the states, an increasing amount of these drugs is distributed among the Mexican population. This means an increasing number of addicted citizens and an escalating need for effective rehabilitation.

Continental center for Mexico

To help Mexicans fight back against this growing epidemic, the Narconon drug rehabilitation has long been available in Mexico. In addition to a drug rehab center outside Mexico City in Villa Victoria and one in Guanajuato, there are also centers in the northern areas of Tijuana and Sonora.

Grounds of Narconon center in Mexico

Each long-term residential program uses such tools as a sauna detoxification, nutritional supplements, life skills training and restoration of personal qualities such as integrity and morals to bring about lasting recovery. There is never any need for substitute drugs like methadone if a person can experience a tolerable withdrawal process and then really learn how to live a sober life.

Narconon center in Celaya

The Narconon Approach

Every person who is addicted suffers from guilt, cravings, and depression that bar the way to lasting sobriety. The Narconon program is specifically designed to lift each of these burdens from those in recovery.

At Narconon, the staff know that it is possible to fully leave addiction behind. It is also possible to repair the wreckage that is so common to addiction. In the life skills section of this rehab program, each person learns how to address the broken relationships and dishonesty of the past, replacing that damage with a new trust. As a new sober life is built, there is no longer any reason for the depression suffered by many addicts.

Helping Mexicans With their Addiction Problems

Mexican citizens have become increasingly prone to use of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine. As more drugs are used, more people become addicted and seek rehab.

Some of the people who become addicted are those who work as drug trafficking “mules” or couriers. Many are underage recruits who carry drugs, particularly methamphetamine or cocaine, on or in their bodies. They may be partially paid in drugs, meaning they will quickly become addicted. To leave this “narco” lifestyle behind, they will need rehabilitation.

Another challenge in is that many thousands of Mexican citizens are suffering the effects of abusing methamphetamine that contained corrosive ingredients. For them, the effects of addiction may be even more severe than usual. The deep detoxification step of the Narconon program, using time in a sauna, nutrition, and moderate daily exercise, helps these people by flushing out residual toxins.

When individuals arrive at a Narconon center in Mexico, they will receive nutritional supplements and gentle exercises to calm their minds and bodies to make drug withdrawal more tolerable. As they proceed through the withdrawal stage, they will also practice simple communication exercises that start to draw them out of the fog of drug abuse and into a new life.

The Narconon program can help you or someone you care about recover a fresh, new life again. Find out how.