Giving Hope to Those Who Had None Before

man looking out with hope

Addiction addressed in the most effective way possible means a future life without drugs or alcohol. In that life, a person who suffered overwhelming cravings for his (or her) preferred drug can finally build a productive, enjoyable existence. Narconon is the drug and alcohol rehab program that has provided that new life for tens of thousands of people.

David was an addict and came to Narconon to shed his addiction and find happiness. He found a lot more. Narconon addresses not only the dependency on drugs or alcohol, but also provides the skills to build a new drug-free life. The tools and knowledge provided can be used continuously to improve conditions and help the recovering addict live productively, happily and find the ability to reach his goals.

David stated, “My time at Narconon has been quite an experience for me. I love this place and all it has done to transform me back into the old me—the good me! The sauna portion of the program cleared my body of the toxins and the aftermath of drugs.” Here David is talking about the sauna-based detox which comes after withdrawal. This detox is unique in that it employs an exact regimen of vitamins and minerals, time in a sauna and moderate exercise. These three factors together eliminate toxic drug residues from the body’s tissues. Since these residual drugs are associated with the sparking of drug cravings, once the toxins are gone the recovering addict feels much better, with a brighter outlook on life and with a refreshed and more energetic body.

The life skills training is a particularly important part of recovery as it delves into the reasons a person would turn to drugs or alcohol and helps the person discover for himself why he became addicted in the first place. As David completed each course, he learned how to maintain his sobriety. He said, “I found out why I didn’t do well in college. Certain exercises and drills brought my perceptions back to me and really my entire sense of self. I remembered many things that I had forgotten about myself, my philosophies and my life.”

He continued, “I learned very powerful information on the Narconon program about how people act and the reasons why they act that way. I found a logical way to look at one’s survival. These books lay out all the different dimensions of ethics, morals, good and bad, right and wrong, and integrity. This is the most brilliant way of going about helping broken people”

“Now that I have completed the Narconon program, I know how to make myself feel better rather than feeling hopeless and turning back to drugs. This program gives some real answers to some of the real hard questions in life.”

Narconon is a highly effective drug rehab program which has saved addicted lives for more than fifty years. Families and recovering addicts are forever grateful for how Narconon changes lives for the better and gives hope to those who had little hope before.