Narconon Georgia Graduate Grows Stronger in Christian Faith

Drug and alcohol addiction destroy lives every day. People who become addicted lose their personal values, faith and integrity. Families and friends have hope now with Narconon, one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the world. With a high success rate of achieving lasting recovery, Narconon saves addicted lives.

Georgia has a drug problem like other states around the United States. Drug traffickers make their way into the area and make the state a hub of their operations. Mexican drug cartels transport illegal drugs into the area. However, the problem with alcohol can’t be ignored. Heavy drinking and alcoholism exists throughout Georgia. Although alcohol is legal, it is no less dangerous. An addiction to alcohol changes a person to the very core and can destroy a life just as thoroughly as addiction to an illegal drug.

Luckily there is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Georgia. The Narconon Georgia outpatient rehab facility in Norcross helps those addicted to alcohol or drugs find lasting sobriety. The Narconon program puts the person through a tolerable withdrawal, a thorough detoxification to remove poisonous residues stored in the body and teaches a skill set that helps a person live a new drug-free life. The center, like all Narconon centers throughout the world, also supports the person’s faith of choice, building on the values already deep-seated within them.

Chuck M. from Kentucky talked about how the Narconon program helped him overcome his alcohol addiction. He realized how bad alcohol really is after 26 years working in the alcohol industry at a Fortune 800 company. He says, “These large alcohol corporations don’t want you to know the true dangers of alcohol. It is very dangerous, in fact.”

He found Narconon through the pastor at his church and his family. They felt that Narconon was the best treatment program in the nation and that he should go there to find hope for a life without alcohol. He said that Narconon not only gave him what he needed to kick his alcohol habit, but it supported his strong faith and his belief in Jesus Christ. The staff went out of their way to provide him transport to his local church for worship. He even started a bible study at the outpatient center with other students, which grew from three to eleven in a short period of time.

I came into this program a strong Christian man and I actually left it a stronger Christian man than I ever was before.”

Chuck stated, “I came into this program a strong Christian man and I actually left it a stronger Christian man than I ever was before.” He said that Narconon taught him the things he needed to overcome his weaknesses. On his graduation, he made plans to pursue the ministry.

Narconon is the way to rid a person of addiction and strengthen personal integrity, values and beliefs. Each person is treated as an individual and supported in their personal activities and desires, knowing that as they grow, they will be able to contribute more and more to our society.

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