Karen Hadley in Drug Prevention
September 4, 2021

How Would Eliminating Addiction Improve America’s Educational Success?

Heavy drug or alcohol abuse or addiction are tough at any age. When it affects those who should be completing their educations, it can derail the entirety of their future lives.


“Study Drugs” and Alcohol Commonly Abuse on US Campuses

Parents and freshmen may be so excited about college that they overlook the threats the new student faces. Alcohol alone claims 1,500 student lives each year. New students must be properly prepared for the challenges.


Karen Hadley in Drug information
October 21, 2020

So-Called “Study Drugs” Commonly Mis-Used

Treatment of classroom and behavior problems with stimulants has had a very widespread and dangerous side effect: the diversion of these stimulants to illicit use. This is mostly due to the myth that they enhance a person's ability to succeed academically.


Karen Hadley in Prescription drugs
December 8, 2018

The Hidden and Life-Threatening Dangers of Ritalin Abuse

Ritalin is widely prescribed to both school children and adults, but some people abuse it non-medically for the cocaine-like high it produces. When they are later diagnosed with an early form of emphysema, they may realize that the thrill wasn’t worth the price.


Ren in Drug prevention
October 21, 2018

Are Teens Less Likely to Misuse Drugs and Alcohol?

Any area or arena of drug and alcohol misuse is concerning and unpleasant, but few areas are as concerning or as unpleasant as teen drug use is.


Ren in Drug information
September 5, 2018

The Truth About Pharmaceutical Stimulants

The list of subjects that have as much false data on them as drugs and alcohol would be a short one indeed. The subject of drugs and alcohol is a subject that few people understand very well. And that is not helped by the fact that there is also a lot of misinformation on the subject.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
July 11, 2018

Media Catching Up to the Risky Rise of the Good Grade Pill

After years of growth in the use and abuse of prescription stimulants by America’s students, major media outlets are finally spreading the word. At highly competitive high schools where the students are expected to progress on to Ivy League schools, the use of these drugs has gotten even more prevalent.


Drugs in Our Bodies Become Drugs in Our Water

When people take drugs, they eventually eliminate traces of those drug through the body’s waste products. Traces of these drugs in our water supplies give us an index to the quantity of drug use going on.


Sue Birkenshaw
May 20, 2018

Does America’s Academic Culture Practically Demand Addictive Drug Use?

When parents send their children off to college, few of them expect those children to become dependent on prescription drug abuse in order to succeed. After all, the earlier generation didn’t have pharmaceutical aids in such profusion.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
December 17, 2012

Academic Pill Abuse 101

Adderall is a popular study drug amongst college students. Many believe they couldn’t have made it through without it. Although some may not know what they’re getting themselves into, most know the dangers involved and abuse the drugs anyway.