Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 22, 2023

The Concept of “Holding One’s Liquor” Likely a Fallacy

A group of researchers found that people who regularly drink excessively were still impaired after heavy drinking, even if they thought they had a greater tolerance of alcohol. According to the researchers, the idea that heavy drinkers can somehow manage the effects that alcohol has on them, i.e., that they can “hold their liquor,” is almost certainly false.


Ren in Drug-Related News
May 29, 2023

New Research Finds Cocaine Use Can Cause Permanent Damage to the Nose

New research out of Great Britain connects rising cocaine use trends to permanent damage in the nasal passages, such that cocaine users lose their sense of smell and may even experience serious infections and tissue loss in their nasal passages.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
May 23, 2023

Heavy Alcohol Consumption Now Linked to Brain Inflammation

A recent scientific study published in a journal dedicated to brain health showed a clear connection between heavy drinking and brain inflammation. Critically, such inflammation was found to cause a long list of unique and potentially life-altering health problems for alcohol addicts.


Ren in Drug Rehab
February 14, 2019

Five Things to Look for When Picking the Right Treatment Center

When I was a kid growing up on the family farm, working on cars, barns, houses, tractors, anything that moved and shouldn’t, or anything that should move and didn’t, my dad used to tell me something that stuck with me to this day.


Karen Hadley in Alcohol
January 10, 2018

New Research Reveals Alcohol’s Destructive Power

Anyone who has ever drunk too much knows that alcohol has the power to make us feel lousy the next morning. Now, new research reveals that alcohol also has the ability to shred our DNA, leaving us more susceptible to some kinds of cancer.