Karen Hadley in Recovery
February 16, 2022

The Warning Signs of Relapse and How to Prevent It

To maintain long-term sobriety, it’s vital to be alert to the warning signs that your sobriety could be weakening. Taking action when these signs are noted and proactively building a strong, sober future are important ways to maintain that cherished sobriety.


Ren in Prescription drugs
May 17, 2019

We Just Celebrated National Prescription Drug Take Back Day—What’s Next?

April 27th was “Prescription Drug Take Back Day,” a day which is celebrated in both April and October. The event was initially created and sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration. And why do we need two days per year where we all get together and dispose of unused prescription drugs?


Ren in Recovery
March 21, 2019

The Implications of One’s Environment in Addiction Recovery

An addict is a creature of habit, someone who tends to use drugs and alcohol in the same places, usually even at the same time of day. It’s called a habit for a reason.


Ren in Sobriety
October 28, 2018

Experiencing a Loss While in Recovery and Preventing the Threat of Relapse

One of the most misunderstood factors of drug and alcohol addiction recovery is that getting off of drugs and alcohol is a journey, it is an ongoing quest, a lifetime adventure that one will continuously work on.