Karen in Drug Rehab
December 27, 2017

What to Do When Your Loved One Refuses Life-Saving Rehab

You see the deterioration. The dishonesty. The sickness and criminality. How can you save your loved one by convincing them to go to rehab?


Karen in Drug Prevention
July 3, 2017

The Single Most Important Way to Help Kids Stay Drug-Free

Most parents talk to their children about drugs or underage drinking and express their desire that the kids stay drug-free. But there is one more step that parents should be taking that influences their ability to stay off drugs. We’ll explain.


Karen in Drug prevention
April 25, 2017

Special for Prom Season: How Teens Hide Alcohol Use from Parents

Yes, it’s prom season. A time of excitement, shopping, tuxedos, long dresses and corsages. In the minds of many young people, it’s also a time for planning secret celebrations of their own.