Whatever Happened to Providing Abstinence Based Addiction Treatment?

At one time, the expectation of rehab success was abstinence. Now, it's more often the expectation that a person maintains compliance with a medication regimen. Have we given up on the concept of being fully drug-free after rehab?


Ren in Drug Rehabilitation
April 18, 2019

Should a Jail Be Responsible For Treating Addiction?

When I checked the news the other day I was shocked to find a story of a federal judge who ordered that a county jail in Massachusetts be made to give an inmate his methadone doses, so he could continue his medication-assisted therapy.


Ren in Drug Rehab
January 1, 2019

Some ERs Now Offering “Addiction Treatment”

When I first saw the tagline, “Facing an overdose epidemic, some ERs now offer addiction treatment” on the Washington Post’ s front page, I was pleasantly surprised. ERs offering addiction treatment services? This was good news! Then I opened the article and started reading it.


Even as Early as College, Some May Need Drug Rehab

Curious about alcohol use in colleges? There’s an amazingly easy way to find out if this is a popular activity. Just follow this simple procedure. Decided on a well-known college. Go to Facebook and look for people attending that college.


Karen Hadley in Drug Rehab
July 7, 2017

“Rogue” Suboxone Clinics Impede Real Recovery in Kentucky

In Kentucky, the Attorney General is taking on businesses distributing Suboxone the wrong way and working on legislation that would force them to do it the right way.