Karen Hadley in Drug Information
January 17, 2024

The International Curse That Is Captagon

The article traces Captagon’s transition from a prescription stimulant to an addictive drug addicting many in the Middle East. It further highlights historical parallels with wartime stimulant use and concludes by warning of the possibility of the drug’s spread across Europe.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
May 25, 2019

The Opioid Update

Just about every day when I turn on the news, I see some update or media clip regarding the opioid addiction epidemic. Everywhere we look, opioid addiction disrupts our civilization and stains our communities with its toxic hold on millions of Americans. Our country is in the midst of a crisis.


How Have Socioeconomic Factors Played a Role in the Addiction Crisis?

In my years as an addiction counselor, one thing I’ve learned is that while addiction does not see color, the ethnicity, age, gender, income level, background and geographic location of the addict can certainly affect their access to care and ultimately the outcome of treatment.


Ren in Drug Information
November 14, 2018

Why Psychedelics are Not the New Health Innovation of the 21st-Century

For those of us who follow the medical news, we may have heard whisperings about the use of psychedelic drugs for addressing mental health issues. This is a relatively new movement, or at the very least, it’s a new spin on the 1970s-era effort to create legitimacy for psychedelics in the field of mental health.


Ren in Drug Information
November 9, 2018

Are Some Drugs Worse than Others?—An Honest Look at Different Substances

Sometimes we hear this idea tossed around that, “Not all drugs are created equal,” or “Not all drugs are the same, some are worse than others.” We have to be careful with this concept because it precludes the general fundamental truth that all drugs are unhealthy and risky.


Ren in Drug Addiction
October 20, 2018

Drugs Throughout History, the Current Drug Crisis, and Why We Need to Talk About It

It would seem that year after year, the U.S. drug and alcohol addiction problem has only grown more complicated and more difficult. It always seems like every time we approach a position where we might be able to overcome this problem, another drug comes on the scene, or another issue makes itself apparent to us. There is almost this feeling that we can't win when it comes to drugs and alcohol.