Ren in News
December 23, 2022

Study Finds Alarming Surge in Negative Alcohol Experiences During College

While it is no mystery that drinking alcohol during one’s young adult and college years carries harm, it isn’t always understood the extent of that harm, the frequency of it, and the long-term unwanted effects that result from it. A recent study that followed 1,700 students through four years of college showed with distinct clarity just how harmful college drinking is.


Karen Hadley in Drug Use
February 11, 2019

Youth Too Often Choose to Ride with Impaired Drivers, Not Realizing They Risk Their Lives

Peer pressure can make teens and young adults feel compelled to go along with dangerous stunts. They might not realize that getting in the car with an impaired driver could be one of the most dangerous stunts of all.


Jason Good in Drug Awareness
November 13, 2016

What Every Parent Should Know About College Parties

Going off to college is an emotional roller coaster. Mothers are crying and fathers are making what seems like their best effort to embarrass their child before finally leaving them in a half moved in dorm room.