Karen Hadley in Family Addiction
December 14, 2021

What Would Our World Be Like Without Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

With a little research, it’s possible to estimate how our world would change if we could eliminate drug and alcohol addiction. In this look at the topic, we examine how the lives of our children would improve.


Ren in Family Addiction
January 26, 2020

What Children Learn When They Grow Up With Addicts for Parents

Why do the sons and daughters of addicts experience a significantly higher likelihood of struggling with addiction later on in life? One could argue that close proximity to substance abuse throughout one's childhood gives one the idea that experimenting with substances is "okay" or "normal."


Ren in Legislation
March 17, 2019

Is Criminalizing Drug Use During Pregnancy the Answer?

I was surfing through U.S. News the other day when I came across a news story that really caught my eye. U.S. News posted an article titled, “Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Pregnant Women Abusing Drugs is Not Child Abuse.”Having worked in addiction treatment most of my adult life, this story hit close to home for me.


The Myth of Drug Addiction: “I’m Only Hurting Myself.”

There’s a common opinion among those who are addicted that they are only hurting themselves. This is far from the truth but it can be hard to convince the addicted person because of the effects of the drugs or alcohol on their responsibility and morality.


Karen Hadley in Effects on children
March 25, 2017

Can You Listen to this 911 Call About an Overdose without Weeping?

In Cincinnati, the 911 emergency system recorded a terrifying event – a young girl calling for help as her parents overdosed in the front seat of their car. The operator tried to calm her terror as emergency help was sent her way.…