Ren in Alcohol Abuse
July 20, 2023

Research Continues to Show There Are No Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

A scientific paper was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Administration highlighting new data that shows alcohol consumption has no health benefits whatsoever. Further, the study showed that any amount of drinking, even in “moderation,” poses risks for health harm.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
April 13, 2022

Study Finds Just One Drink Per Day Can Shrink Your Brain

A common view shared by many people who consume alcohol is that limited, conservative alcohol consumption poses zero risks to one’s physical health. However, a new study indicates that even just one alcoholic beverage per day can reduce brain size over time.


Julie in Alcohol Abuse
November 9, 2021

Alcohol is Now Responsible For More Than 95,000 Deaths Per Year

Excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95,000 deaths in the United States each year, or 261 deaths per day.


Ren in Alcohol Addiction
July 13, 2021

Death is Not the Only Negative Effect of Alcohol Misuse

When people consider drug or alcohol addiction, the most attention-grabbing, headline-worthy material is always the number of deaths caused by drinking or drug abuse. But as a recent study shows, death is only one of the serious and harmful outcomes of alcohol abuse. There are many others.


Ren in Drug Addiction
May 31, 2021

Drugs Can Kill in Many Ways

Drug overdoses grab headlines and, as a result, the public mind. A great deal of focus is directed at overdoses, mostly because they have skyrocketed in the last two decades. However, there are many other ways that drugs can kill.


Ren in Alcohol
September 30, 2020

Why Does Alcohol Cause More Deaths in Some States than in Others?

While alcohol is a problem everywhere, it does not affect all states equally. As the drug epidemic has swept across America, so too has alcohol addiction become more severe.—and it seems to touch down with particular severity in certain regions.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
April 10, 2020

Car Crashes and Alcohol — Do We Need to Lower the Legal Alcohol Limit?

New research indicates that a significant percentage of alcohol-related driving fatalities occur when the driver was NOT over the legal drinking limit of 0.08%. Is it time to lower the drinking limit? Will doing so save lives on the road?


Karen Hadley in Drug Withdrawal
December 23, 2019

Why Withdrawal Can Kill and How to Successfully Help a Loved One Get Sober

While stopping damaging consumption of alcohol or drugs is a noble purpose, some people must begin their sobriety with a medically-supported detoxification process if they are to survive.


Karen Hadley in Alcohol
December 17, 2019

How Alcohol is Killing America’s Young People

When we find that an increasing number of young people are dying from injury-related causes, it’s time to look at how many of them could be losing their lives from preventable, alcohol-related causes.


Ren in Alcohol Awareness
March 28, 2019

Taking a New Look at Alcohol Consumption

We know that there are unintended consequences of alcohol consumption. We know that drinking alcohol can lead to poor choices, drunk driving, fights, public drunkenness, legal issues, unhealthy sexual decisions, bad hangovers, failed drug tests, career problems, family problems, and so on.