Karen in Prescription drugs
December 8, 2018

The Hidden and Life-Threatening Dangers of Ritalin Abuse

Ritalin is widely prescribed to both school children and adults, but some people abuse it non-medically for the cocaine-like high it produces. When they are later diagnosed with an early form of emphysema, they may realize that the thrill wasn’t worth the price.


Ren in Effects on children
December 7, 2018

We Need to Help the Kids of Drug-Addicted Parents

We all know the story of addiction. If we haven’t seen this happen to ourselves or to someone else first-hand, we’ve certainly heard from a close family member or a loved what it’s like for them to watch one of their loved ones struggle with addiction.


Ren in Family Help
November 17, 2018

Are We Overmedicating Kids with Addictive Drugs?

It is completely normal for us parents to be more than a little bit concerned with protecting our children’s health. We want our kids to be healthy, happy, and to live well. And being healthy means a whole lot more than just being physically healthy too. It also means being mentally healthy.